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12+ Best Dhanteras WhatsApp Messages In English and Hindi

Hindu mythology gives much importance to the festival of Dhanteras. The prime festival of Hindu celebrated right after the sunset for welcoming Goddess Lakshmi. The festival of Dhanteras is also known as triodashi, Yamaha Deep and Jayanthi Pooja.

12+ Best Dhanteras WhatsApp Messages In English and Hindi

Approximately, every year Dhanteras is celebrated one day before Choti Diwali. People usually start Puja around 6 p.m and end it before 8 p.m. Normally, the maximum duration of Dhanteras Puja is two hours. People forward Happy Dhanteras wishes in English and Hindi to one another. Also, they pray for more prosperity and happiness of one another.

Happy Dhanteras wishes in English and Hindi

Dhanteras begins when people start washing and cleaning their home to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. They make all the arrangements to welcome the Goddess of prosperity and wealth. Special Rangoli are made to create a positive aura everywhere in the environment.

Also, readymade footprint are stuck everywhere in the ground at a symbolism of Goddess Lakshmi reaching the home. Right after the sunset, people start worshipping the almighty by offering dhup, agarbatti, camphor and other Poojasamagri.

Happy Dhanteras wishes in English and Hindi

The story of Dhanteras revolves around skinny Hamar who was forecasted to die on the fourth day of his marriage after a snake bite him during his sleep. His clever wife tried to save her life by not allowing him to sleep. He collected all the ornaments and kept it at the door step. Also, she chanted Holi stories so as to keep her husband alive.

The moment God of death arrived, he saw all the dazzles and lamp in the room. He waited there in form of a snake to bite her husband as soon as he falls asleep. However, the lady did not allow her husband to sleep and eventually God of death went away. Since then, the festival of Dhanteras is celebrated wholeheartedly by all the wedded ladies.

Happy Dhanteras wishes in English and Hindi

  • I wish that Goddess Lakshmi comes at your doorstep to not only bless you with wealth but also with more power and wisdom. I pray that the sun terrace is the most special one in your life.
  • Dhanteras is nothing without the presence of loved ones and near ones. wealth has importance in life but in absence of our near and dear ones, it becomes difficult to Enjoythe occasions wholeheartedly. Therefore, on this Dhanteras I pray that you come and Bless me with your presence. Your blessings are awaited.

Happy Dhanteras wishes in English and Hindi

Dhanteras is the festival that particularly is revolved around Goddess Lakshmi and her choices blessing. It is believed that the Goddess of wealth came out of milky see. People who received blessings from her yet more wealth and prosperity automatically.

Therefore, Dhanteras is celebrated with a bundle of joy and happy wishes. People forward Happy Dhanteras messages and wishes to their relatives for happy and wishing them good luck.

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Happy Dhanteras wishes in English

  • I pray that Dhanteras – the holy festival gives you greater success and more Power. I pray that whatever you receive from the Goddess above keeps you contented and satisfied.
  • Dua karta hoon ki safaltaaap ki Kadamchumti Raheaur Mini militia Kasturi bhi apni Khushboo Sharma Jae. Lakshmi ki kripa Barse aapke Dwaraur Dhanteras ka tyohar Hasi Khushi Se Manae Aap Har Baar.
  • Dear Goddess Lakshmi, I pray that on this Dhanteras, you give special place in to my friend who is reading this message. It is not only about gold, silver or Platinum. It is rather about happiness and prosperity and contentment. Happy Dhanteras may Lord bless you with fortune
  • Lights might be temporary but your happiness shall be eternal. On this Dhanteras, I demand choicest blessings of the lord above to give you all the charm and endurance in life. I do not to want to diamond but Contentment For you.

Life is all about happiness more than anything else. Sometime, Diamonds Are Not Enough to give us happiness but just few gestures to bring that bless. Therefore, instead of demanding worldly things from the lord above, ask for the things that you cannot receive monetarily. Well has a limited role play in life but happiness is a broader aspect.

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